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Keelan and Charlotte were originally taught how to quick change by David and Dania (listed below) at a private seminar. Since then they have delevoped their own quick change act, unique in style and method. Keelan is different to most other Quick Change Artists in the fact that his background is in magic where as most of the original Quick Change Aritists background was from the Russian Circus. This magic background has meant that Keelan has come up with some incredible ground breaking methods on the mechanics of Quick Change known by only a handful of people worldwide. Charlotte's background is in ballroom and latin dance, which keeps up the tradition of the synergy between quick change and dance.

David and Dania - Possibly the most famous Quick Change Artists in the world after appearing on the US Television show America's Got Talent. David is American and Dania is Russian. They are the resident performers for the NBA which keeps them busy with hundreds of shows a year!

Anatoly and Lyubov Sudarchikovich

Quick Change Artisits THE SUDARCHIKOVIS are known to be the the original Quick Change Double Act in 1993 they were Russian Federation Honored Artists. The Sudarchikovis studied in the National Circus School. They gave their first professional performance in 1969 were they combined Ballroom dancing with Quick Change Artistry. Lyubov Sudarchikova changed her dresses eight times in 7 minutes while dancing to the tango, rumba and waltz with Anatoly.

The most spectacular part of their show was the ending where a ball of glitter showered Lyubov as her dress changed a final time. The Sudarchikovis won many awards for their act including laureates of International Monte Carlo (1995, Silver clown) and Rome Competitions.

Their act has became the staple recipe for future quick change act of today.

Igor and Svetlana – Igor is the son of the Sudarchiovi's their son and has been performing in circus's since 1984, they too following in the footsteps of their parents perform a Quick Change Act identicle to his parents.

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