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There will be many quick change products coming soon but in the meantime please visit MagicTricks.co.uk for thousands of magic tricks relating to all areas of magic including dress change magic. If you are looking to book quick change performers to entertain at your event the go to www.costumechange.co.uk for quick change artists Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie.



quick change dvd, quick change videos
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This DVD is filmed in Nagoya, Japan with Yasuda and his assistants giving a detailed explanation as to how they perform their incredible Quick Change Act.

Combining magic effects sprinkled with some of the most dynamic, lightning fast, high energy costume dress changes.


Yasuda took years to create, perfect, and perform this famous quick change act.

You will not only enjoy the performance but will learn the "inner secrets" of the "Art of Costume Change" in his explanations!

You will learn:

  • Preparation of the costumes
  • Types of material to use
  • Secrets of multiple costume usage
  • Ins and outs of quick releases
  • Creating different methods of presentations
  • Timing and training
  • The "Why and How's" of the art.

n the world of magic!

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quick change suspenders
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These trouser braces are fantastic for adding a little touch of Quick Change to your act. It requires little setup and no reset time. A variety of routines can be performed with this Quick Change Accessory.


These Trouser suspenders change color from white to red or vice versa in a flash. It is even possible to make the color change in rotation; if the left hand suspender is red; the right hand one can be white, they can switch back and forth! The preparation time for this trick lies in the action of the effect itself. Each color change is the set-up for the next color change. This trick may be performed as many times as you want back to back!

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quick change book
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This popular book by Lex Schoppi gives a guided looked into the art of Costume Change. Specifically designed for the male performer, this book gives techniques to perform, fast changing trousers, colour changing bow ties, multiple colour changing bow ties, changing scarf as well as changing shirt. This book contains some great information for those looking to persue the Art of Quick Change.


The first and original English books to contain material on magic costume changes ever published in the World were written in 1911/1912 by Will Goldston. In 1911 he published "The Magicians Annual" and in 1912 in "Exclusive Magical Secrets" in which 5 different Quick Change methods based on one tear away seam: The hook and eye fastener.

In the last century Quick Changes have been described in more than 10 English books. The German book "Quick change" (published in 2003) was the most intensive publication to date and contained on 80 pages 5 different tried and tested methods of fastenings – methods for holding the materials closed, and ways to open them, the so-called "tear-away“seams. Well known Russian quick change artists termed one of the 5 methods of fastening as a "revolution".

In the new English book "Quick Change" 15 different methods of fastening are described.
Finally a multiple costume change with six costumes from preparation and through the handling is presented with a series of 48 photos. In addition this comprehensive book contains effects which employ different methods which can be used by magicians performing all genres of magic, even close-up:

The Color Changing Tie
The Multiple Colors Changing Bow Tie
The Color Changing Shirt
The Color Changing Sleeve
The Appearing Color Changing Dress Scarf

Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject.

"Your book is THE reference to 'Quick Change'...No other one of this quality exists...really, all my congratulations for this beautiful work."
- Valerie Mageux, Quick Change artist (Sarmoti Award winner)

"An important book filled with unique information on many costume effects. Quick Change is an essential textbook for every stage magician, and I highly recommend it."
-Jim Steinmeyer, Illusion Designer

"QUICK CHANGE is a book that's truly meant to be used and studied. It's a reference work for anyone looking to add costume changes to their act on any scale. Recommended."
- MAGIC Magazine

"This is the first attempt at a comprehensive study of Quick Change techniques for men's costumes and with little else available at the current time the authors have provided a starting point for anyone looking to add a Quick Change or costume change to their act."
- Magicseen Magazinemultip

n such an extensive treatise on the subject.

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quick change bow tie
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These revolutionary Quick Change Bowties have now made it easy for everyone to add a touch of Quick Change to their act. It couldn't be more simple but they always get a great reaction.


Using the Quick Change Bow Ties, you are always in perfect position to instantly change the colour of your bow tie with lightning speed, using only one short movement with your right of left hand. You will be able to change the color of your bow tie up to 6 times, perfect to use as a running gag, also if you work as an magician for children. Everybody who sees this gimmick always looks in amazement. The speed is incredible.

The colour of your bowtie will change from blue - red - black - yellow - green - orange! Start with any color you like! The gimmicks are high quality produced in a German tie factory. It's optimized for a white tuxedo shirt.

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quick change cummberbund
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This is another great Quick Change Accessory that is easy to add into your act but yet very effective! A perfect starting point for any magician wanting to add some Quick Change into their performance.


This Quick Change Cummerbund changes colour instantly. A small movement and the colour changes from black to red, and back again whenever desired. Endlessly repeatable, no setup required as each colour change is the setup for the next. Start with red or black, the choice is yours!

Perfectly created for the card magician, gambler, hustler or casino entertainer, the Quick Change Cummerbund offers an entirely new dimension in colour changing clothing. A great addition to any act for stage or close-up use, the Quick Change Cummerbund is perfect for children's entertainers, stage magicians, or those searching for a fun, visual accessory to add to their performance.

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