Quick Change Act perform for the King and Prince of Saudi Arabia

Also while the British Quick Change Artists were away in India, they had a last minute inquiry for a show in Morocco which was happening on the coming weekend.

The Quick Change Act were due to leave India on the Saturday morning and arrive in London on the Saturday night, so thought it would not be possible. However, fortunately for them the show was put back until the Monday which meant they were able to take on the show.

They left India on the Saturday morning as planned, arrived in London around 9pm Saturday night and left for Morocco at 5am on Sunday morning, barely even time for a shower, the quick change illusionists headed to Morocco to perform at what they thought would be a standard corporate event.

The received 5* treatment all the way and when they found out who they were working for it came as a pleasant surprise!

The British Quick Change Artists had been hired to perform a 4 minute version of their Quick Change Act for the King of Saudi Arabia, his brother the Prince of Saudi Arabia and a few close friends of theirs.

The event was held at one of their Moroccan palaces and the performance took place under the stars over looking the ocean. It certainly was an incredible experience and when Keelan and Charlotte met the Prince after the performance he gave them fantastic complements and said that he hadn't seen anything like their act in all his years of traveling which was a wonderful complement for the Quick Change Artists.

They were working with several other artists including a Hand Balancing Act from Cirque du Solei, a drag queen, several troupes of dancers and a juggler.

It was a very brief trip but a brilliant experience and opportunity for the Quick Change Artists, who hope to work for the King and Prince in the future.




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