Dress Change Artists win the Magic Championships

For the first time ever in the history of Magic a has Quick Change Act won a magic championship. Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie not only won the title of British Magic Champion of General Magic they won the overall award crowning them the British Magic Grand Prix Champions 2007 and 2008. They performed their Quick Change Show at the Blackpool Opera House infront of 3500 magicians including the president of The Magic Circle and honorary life president of the largest magic convention in the world the Blackpool Magic Convention, famous comedian Ken Dodd. All acts were judged by prominent magicians from around the world and after each performance we subject to an X-factor style grilling of comments by the judges. Luckily for the Quick Change Act all of the judges had nothing but praise about the performance. Mandy Davis from the Magic Circle said,


" ... Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie won both the General Magic category and the Grand Prix Trophy. Their quick change act was immaculate as they moved and danced expertly throughout the act. Keelan changed from one suit to another, then added colour changes for his tie and gloves before performing a snowstorm effect using rose petals, the first of several quick magic effects. Charlotte Marie was wearing black when she first appeared to dance to Lady in Red – so a change of dress was needed here! A change of tempo and Keelan also changed, this time into silver clothes to perform as a robot. Quicker and quicker the changes came, she into a yellow mini dress and he into a pink waistcoat. More still behind an unfurled poster and through some silver streamers ending, in a David and Dania way, with a final shower of tinsel for the last change. All the judges thought the act was fabulous, they had nothing but praise..."

The above quote and a full review of the Magic Championships can be read here on Magic Week.




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