Quick Change Act Performance in Cairo, Egypt

Quick Change Artists Keelan and Charlotte Keelan and Charlotte, the UK's only Quick Change Artists have just returned from Cairo, Egypt after appearing in a 4 show, magic spectacular along with the most famous illusionists in the world, the Pendragons!

This magic show was the first of its kind to be held in Egypt and the organisers took a large risk putting the show on but it definitely paid off as the four shows were sold out! The magic show was held at the Cairo Exhibition Centre and seated 2000 people. The people of Egypt, weren't really sure what to expect but their reaction has proved the success of the show, which is in talks of putting together more later in the year, also in the neighbouring countries. It was a first for the Egyptians to see magicians, quick change magic act, illusions and sleight of hand.


The line up for the show was put together by David Lai, famous Mentalism from Maylasia and directed by Maylasian Illusionist, Kenneth Wong. The line up for the show was the US comedy magician - Jay Mattioli, Aerial Artist and Magician from Las Vegas - Kristi Toguchi - The World Famous Illusionists -The Pendragons and of course us, Dress Change Artists - Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie!


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The Pendragons, performed several spots in the show including the Fire Basket, the Broomstick Levitation and they closed the show with their incredible Metamorphosis Illusion which is absolutely mindblowing!

The group got on so well and the trip was a pleasure for everyone to be involved in. We met some amazing people, including the other performers, the organisers and the helpers for the show.

One of the shows was in aid of Orphans Day which is held on the first Friday of every April. The theatre was packed out with over 2000 orphans, who were brought to watch the show. We got to meet so many of them after the show, which actually was heart breaking, but we were pleased that we got to show them the Dress Change and Costume Change Magic as it was something they wouldn't have seen before!


The Quick Change Artists just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with Abracadabra, it was incredible meeting you all and we hope that we will see you later in the year for a tour of the magic show!

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