Quick Change Artists Consult for Ford on the Geneva Motor Show

While Quick Change Artists Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie were on board the beautiful Norwegian Jewel Cruise line they were contacted by Imagination Ltd on behalf of the Ford Motor company to consult on the launch of the new Ford Fiesta. They worked with Imagination Ltd to make an idea on paper turn into a reality. Originally the plan was to devise a Quick Change Show for just the Geneva Motor show but due to the success of the launch they used the concept and performance for the Beijing Motor Show, the London Motor show and the Madrid Motor Show.


Imagination said ' I can honestly say that I you turned our project around from a potential disaster to an overwhelming success. All the Ford markets across the globe were full of praise for one of the most original and skilful show we have produced for them - and the time scales ,as you know, were outrageous - we did it against all the odds but we wouldn't have done it without you two.'


You can see a video of the final quick change show and project below

Quick Change

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